Behind each and every thing there is an energy and a hidden motion that contributes to the functioning and even the existence of the thing in question. It’s exactly the same principle in a film : A succession of pictures processed within a continuous movement to create a story.

UNSEEN MOTIONS are the cogs of a much bigger picture that makes a whole. The company focuses on the development and production of feature films and documentaries with a singular vision targeted for both mainstream and specific audiences. Founded in 2015 by Raphael Biss and Florian Becette in Cardiff (Wales) with the intention to produce and co-produce all range of budget films in the UK and internationally.

Besides producing British films, UNSEEN MOTIONS has always had a special sensitivity for international projects; Starting with it’s first feature documentary “Savages in Foreign Lands” about the lost civilisation of the Guanches in the Canary Islands.Our company works hard to discover and meet new talents in the UK and around the globe to broad our horizons.

Always looking for the next step, we are interested in all alternatives of co-productions, sources of funding, investment and distribution.